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My uncle got me started in fly fishing around '73 '74.
One time he took a cigarette filter, stuck a long shank thru it and caught a sunfish of some kind. He could take a fly rod and drop the popper into tea cups all over our yard, first time I'd seen this roll/back/modified cast. I was hooked so to speak from that moment on.

and I agree, its amazing they can do flies the way they are. I got an email reply from a guy who ties on ebay, does it by hand as a hobby of sorts. Said it takes him about 10 minutes to tie one, and costs are minimal, and he has been tying for ever and has trash cans full of various patterns.
Got one already, its outstanding, not raggedy loose like some chinese knockoff I really expected, these are for sunfish and after a couple dozen hits they tend to come undone. How can you sell a fly for a buck, ship it for .75 cents and not be a completely brain addled maniac?
Granted they are not the artwork I've seen posted here, but very functional and so cheap I am now trying to find a holder that doubles what I currently own-
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