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Default Re: Ethics question, and your favorite small stream

When I used to fish bass tournaments I carried a saw to get into certain holes and I knew others who kept chainsaws in their boats for the same reason. While making access may be easier by triming you take away some of the challenge of our sport.

When I caught my big brookie last year he was nestled in the Y of a fallen tree branch with his nose 10" from it. I had to cast about 25 times to it hoping each cast would be a) close enough to catch his interest, b) not snag my fly causing the whole situation to be blown and c) not spook him away. When I finally caught him I had to keep him out of the tree during the fight which was a giant challenge. To me, that catch of a lifetime was better because I had to use my skill to defeat not only the fish but the environment as well. Plus, what good of a fishing story starts "well I cut down this tree because my casting sucks..."
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