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Default Beginner needing help on fly line choice

My fiance and I have decided to take up fly fishing as a weekend hobby.

So far we have purchased the Martin Mountain Brook fly combo ( Martin Fly Fishing | Fly Reels | Fly Rods | Fly Kits )

We have the 9ft rods in the 5/6 WT.

We will be fishing for trout around Northern California rivers/streams and float tubing small lakes.

What would be a good line for us to both start out on? I hear line is one of the most important investments.

We don't want to spend too much as we are just getting started but donn't want horrible line either.

I have looked at RIO Gold, RIO Mainstream, SA Mastery GPX, Sage Performance II, Cabelas Prestige Plus, SA Lefty Kren, SA Utlra 4, etc.

What would you all suggest as really decent fly line for beginners, that isn't too expensive? Also, should we get 6wt instead of 5wt, and WF or DT?

Thank you for your help!

- Jonathan
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