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Default What is the ultimate fly fishing boat?

You know, one that handles all types of water....shallow lakes and marshes, big waves on big lakes, the California Delta, very little draft, wide and stable and so on.

Seriously, I'm looking for a boat that is rather versatile and have looked at a few from Lund and Lowe and Tracker. I like the idea of a Bass type boat (with no use for a live well) and Lowe has one called the Multi-Species.

Stinger Mod-V Crappie Boats by Lowe - high-value, low-cost aluminum multi-species fishing boats - 175

But, I'm new to this....Deep Vee? Modified Vee? Flat bottom? much power does one need?

Looks to be a lot of good used boats on the market (at least in CA.) If you can't see it in the water....what do you look for in a used boat, how do you test the motor?

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