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Default Re: Tying Kits - Feedback, reviews, suggestions?

Krash Man,
I would like to suggest to you the option at looking into purchasing something from the following web site The Full Creel Fly Shop. Steve Robbins our admin of this site is the owner and operator of the fly shop. He offers a 21 day test drive of his rods and free shipping on purchases of $100 or more. Steve is a great guy to do business with so take it from me, it will be hard to find a better offer than that. Steve cares for his customer base and is very willing to help you determine what you need.

Steve offers the following kit Cortland Deluxe Fly Tying Kit. If your going to spend a about $150 for the Orvis kit I would go for the Peak Vise which I would compare to the Renzetti Traveler Vise.

There is a lot of info on this site in picking out your fly fishing equipment. So, do some searching, and ask some more questions when you need too. Thing about fly fishing is that you can research yourself cross-eyed with all the information that is available to you.

I hope this helps. Good to have you on the forum.
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