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Default Re: Hardy & Greys announce major breakthrough in rod design

Originally Posted by Pocono View Post

Within reasonable bounds, the more I fish the more I become convinced that its the skill of the fisherman and not the quality of the fishing gear that really counts.
Only $700? Anybody want to take a bet it will be more like $800 ??

I am sure the new rods will result in a lot of analysis & testing articles in fly fishing magazines, and will also generate a ton of postings in various blogs & forums. I hope the companies are successful in selling lots of the new high-tech rods to folks that have plenty of extra $$. After all, a strong fly fishing manufacturing environment also drives technology down into lower-cost rods.

Will I buy one? Absolutely not! I think Pocono's comment is right on the mark, and I find that I enjoy fly-fishing just fine with the rods I currently own.
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