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Default Re: Tying Kits - Feedback, reviews, suggestions?

Thanks, Joni!

I just purchased the Clearwater Tool Kit and Danvise from Orvis for a total of $115. This should give me somthing to grow into without a huge dent in my wallet.

Now - time to wade through all of the materials I found lists of materials for Wooly Buggers and Clousers at "Pete's R&B".

I bought:
Recommended hooks
Saddle Hackle
6/0 Thread (3/0 was recommended)
Silver wire
Krystal Flash
Hourglass eyes
bead-chain eyes
Cement & Thinner

I stuck with common colors and ones that I prefer to fish locally - black, olive, chartreuse, silver, white, blue

I have a week or so before I get this stuff. Are there any other materials I should pickup to get started? Different thread sizes? I am starting with size 8-12 hooks.

FYI, my "kit" cost me about $200.
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