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Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

I guess there are fly fisherman out there that might do what Rip Tide is saying. I don't know any of them (that I know of) and I want to keep it that way. All the fly fishing folks I have ever met seem to be rather careful and considerate about their gear and the craft, though I have gone by many streams and seen the garbage that people leave behind, which breaks my heart. I guess those might be the same folks who just have their heads too far up their bottoms to think of others. Moving on...

I did break an Albright rod (the A-5) in mid cast. The blank broke while in the ferrule and I was not sure what just happened. It was only the 3rd time fishing it, but months after buying it. I was bummed with the return policy, since I had to pay much more than I felt I should, especially since I wanted to pay nothing for a problem that, as far as I say, came from the manufacturing process. I did end up paying for the replacement and it's been fine, but it left me realizing that I wanted to buy from a company that had a good policy. When I accidentally ran over my Cortland rod, it was no problem- small fee and a new rod came in the mail. The fee for Albright made no sense to me, and I still resent it. I do agree that this must drive the price up, but I also think we come back to those companies again and again because of it. I still triple check my rod when placing it near my car. It was a traumatic experience
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