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Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

I just had a rod replaced last week due to a defective snake guide. While talking to the TFO Customer Service I casually mentioned that they had a great warranty and it was worth the extra cost when purchasing the rod. The CS rep stated in absolutely no questionable terms that TFO does NOT leverage the warranty costs across the purchase price of the rod, and thus others are not carrying the cost of replacing someone else's rod. According to the CS rep, the $25 warranty fee covers the marginal (incremental) manufacturing cost of the replacement rod, but not other costs associated with development, sales, advertising, etc., etc.. Of course this made me reflect....if the incremental costs for a replacement flyrod are only $25, there must be some very high fixed costs and administrative & development costs! And obviously some pretty decent profits too!

The warranty is just another item to be factored into the overall cost of the rod. If there were no warranties, would the rods be cheaper? Possibly, but then the first manufacturer to offer a warranty would have a sales advantage over their competitors. I take care of my rods, but have used the warranty program on rods four times (twice for defects & twice for broken rods). Do I feel bad for using the warranty to get a rod replaced? of course not - one of the many considerations when I chose a rod is the warranty (hoping to never need it, but darn glad it will be there).

Personally I have never met anyone who has intentionally broken a rod to get it replaced under a warranty, although I am sure they exist. If I do meet one, I am very sure I will not hang-around with them for any length of time.
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