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Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing - Product review

Originally Posted by waterweasel View Post
I purchased a trout 5/6 reel last week, this thing is worth a whole lot more than I paid for it. I would reccommend it to anyone and everyone. I have only caught small trout with it so far, so no drag usage yet...but this week going to the Delaware. Will report back next week.
Also I purchased 2 wff lines, and a magnetic net release. All are great quality and priced right! The flyboxes are great too!
Way to go Justin!
Will be buying a 3 weight reel from Allen and Co. soon. It will be replacing a redington that I paid 50% more than an Allen reel. Thats how nice they are.
The 5/6 Trout reel will replace a lost Battenkill. I like it better!
-Brian Forsburg: new Allen customer, and a happy one!
Back from the Delaware river and the drag worked very well. Landed big browns and big rainbows. The rainbow fought harder than the last 30 inch steelhead I caught, and the drag worked great.
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