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Default Re: stripping glove or finger guard

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
JMac real men don't wear girly fishing gloves. If you get a rash from stripping in Sharkskin, better go back to the Barbie or Sponge Bob closed face spinning outfits.

And the way Ard got his finger cut, that's a trophy burn. Something to be proud of.
and this comment is coming from a guy that uses skull and crossbone material??? .. (but love the rod thats in that rod sock) ..

but seriously.. I know I have gotten cuts in the old days of spinning and bait casting gear.. but havent been able to afford sharkskin ... yet... was just curious if anyone had an idea of how to make finger slips ... and that was based on a post from another site..


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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

Yeah I gotta agree, that was a big King. You can't weigh the ones that get away but I'm thinking 45 - 55 lbs. I was about 500 yards from the salt and at first he just sulked on the bottom of the very fast run I hooked him in. Then he did the porpoise thing a couple times and I put the rod to him. That's when the fish took off like a shot headed back toward the Inlet. I have almost 300 yds. of backing on the reel and he darn near spooled me out. I did that drunken, stumbling run through the cobblestone trying to catch up but............... In the end I had to point the rod at the line and snap the leader.

It wasn't until awhile later that I realized that I dam near sawed off a digit at the joint.
since I am the novice here I ask a lot of questions.. most are just out of curiosity...

now as far as that fish you are talking about.. Ive never gotten close to catching anything that size.. Im afraid Id of just stood there and it would of spooled me before I had any idea it was happening...

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