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Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

I was up there Tuesday and Wednesday. The wind on Tuesday was annoying, and I got skunked.

The wind on Wednesday started out like Tuesday, annoying. I caught one nice fish wind drifting an olive Fox's Poopah just south of Eagle Point. The wind kept building and I kept fishing my way north, finally caught a sickly, lice-covered thing that I think was a trout, but it had chrome silver sides with no pink or red and a BLUE back rather than olive green. Never seen a fish like that. While I had him on, the wind blew me way out to the middle of the lake (it was gusting to 30-35MPH).

I called it quits and spent about an hour rowing hard before I gave up and beached it, and dragged the boat along the shore on foot. Rowing with all the energy I could put into it, I was still going backwards relative to the shore. It was nasty wind.

I talked to a lot of fishermen, some of whom had been fishing there for years, and they all reported no more than 3 fish for the day, and several reported catching ones with lice on them.

After that, I didn't even stay the night although I had paid for my campsite already, I broke camp, packed up the Outlaw Rampage and headed for home.

I'm gonna try one more time at Lake Davis next weekend on a club outing, but my hopes are not high.
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