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Default How to understand Spey Lines? Help!

Hi Folks!

I'm a fly fishing fanatic, and after a long time wanting to learn spey casting, I got myself a nice large arbor reel and a new st croix 'Legend Ultra' 14' 8/9wt at a steal!
Now, I need a line.

My situation: I live in North Idaho, fish here, east Washington, and northwest Montana. Bought this rig for the big waters (clearwater, Columbia, Snake). Usually colder water. Wide rivers. Steelhead and salmon.

I don't understand spey lines. Seems they are all kits with different tips, and all very pricey. What am I looking for? I've read about Skagit lines, Shooting heads, and understand the concept, but not the practice.

What line should I get that will enable me to learn, and enable me to catch fish for under $100? I don't need 5 separate tips, just a good line.

Planning on buying a DVD, rio modern spey casting, but still need recommends on line, why, and for what reason.

What is my best resource to learn about spey lines? Skagit? shooting head? Versi-tip? I'm confused....

Anyone have a link, or opinion, of how I can start out with the right line? I would hate to spend a lot of money on something that would not work for what I need, or pay for more than I require...



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