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Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

yep, the wind is a bummer, makes it tough to cast.

We went up on the north east corner Sunday AM, caught a couple nice ones, got ate alive by skeeters, and then had to fight the wind on top of that. All I can say is take your bug spray if your gonna fish the alcoves (I left mine on the kitchen counter when I filled up the thermos) and I am still itching 2 days later and I have tried every stop itch cure I can think of including benedryl and roll-on anti-perspirant!

Saw some blood midges squirming around in the shallows and there were obviously skeeters hatching, didn't see any damsels, but saw some shucks.

We packed up after an hour or so and went over to eagle point (got the wind to our backs), and fished the little coves there. Pulled in four more. A couple stockers and a couple holdovers in the 1.5 to 2 lb range.

I did get my old 56 speedster on the water Saturday (all by myself) for a couple hours before the wind kicked up. I was dying to get the old girl on the water and see if my repairs on my 46 sea king motor did the trick - she worked well but started coughing toward the end just a bit - found the fuel filter clogging with a little dirt when I got home. Next time I'll take the 15 horse if the wind is gonna be such a pain, the 5 horse got me back and looked pretty doin it, so no complaints, just a little slow into the breeze. I took a couple hits on a olive bugger but didn't get anything to the boat, the trollers were telling me the ever wonderful Dick Nite was striking out and the only thing they saw fish caught on was some big old lures that dollard has for sale - a red nose dace pattern of some kind.

Did get to talk to a nice gent who had a pram rigged up on his van and about a thousand flies in his cases. Swore by the pram as the best FF boat ever invented for lake fishing and man did he have it rigged for 1 man operation. Sweet set up, looked comfy and he had hoists rigged so it loaded on top of his econoline. He was in no hurry, so we drank a cup of joe and chatted a bit. He had been fishing Davis for 20 years, he even gave me a little intel for the next trip, (I don't ask, but don't tunr down info if offered), and we had a pleasurable convo about fly fishing, boats, tubes and toons.

All in all a good day, even if I didn't net anything on Saturday.

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