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Default Re: Day Trips from Montrose/La Crescenta/La Canada Flintridge area

Originally Posted by gusto View Post
Hey Chris,

It seems many of the people in this forum are kind of in the same boat. I had some fishing experience prior to coming to CA, but just recently got back into it. Anyway, to try and answer your question...

The West Fork of the San Gabriel River is the one place I've been to, and I had a lot of fun. I live in Pasadena, which isn't far from where you are, and I can be at the river in 35 minutes from my house. There is an access road that parallels the river and you basically hike in and fish wherever. Lots of small trout on dry flies the last time I went.

The road actually goes in 7 miles to a reservoir, but when I went a couple of weeks ago it was closed 2 miles in at the "2nd bridge." From mile 2 to the reservoir may be open now, but don't expect the ranger station on the way in to know anything. Best to go and find out yourself.

Last weekend I was heading up to Ventura and decided to divert inland to Sespe Creek, which is located in the mountains above Ojai. Ventura was 64 degrees, and by the time I got to the Sespe Trailhead it was a whopping 104degrees.


Anyway, the creek was running really low and I didn't even pull out my flyrod. I asked some people who were hiking along the Sespe River Trail about conditions further down, and they said there were some bigger pockets a couple miles in. So basically, unless you're into hiking in 100 degree heat to find a couple of deep pools, I would pass on Sespe until the rains come in the fall/winter.

I'll probably be heading up to Big Bear this weekend or next to that area and will report back with what I find.

Good luck,

Any tips for fishing the San Gabriel?? Im working in Pico Rivera, and I stay with my grandmother during the week in Pasadena. WIth my commute being up Rosemead, Ive been thinking of heading over there one day after work to try it out.
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