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Default Re: Conditioned Fish

Originally Posted by Cliff Hilbert
The fish in the Norfolk River in Arkansas would call it "The Nofolk Shuffle". There have been many times there that I could have reached down and petted the trout near my feet.
I think it might be prudent here to clarify something. I believe very strongly in things like the Norfolk or San Juan Shuffle. Fish will very definitely learn how to follow a food source.
The harder thing for me would be for a fish to become accustomed to, and respond accordingly to, an arbitrary time schedule such as more selective feeding on weekends compared to weekdays.
One more interesting observation on this is that, even humans don't retain this weekly cycle very well when they don't have a calendar to remind them. This is shown very clearly by the retirees we all know who can't remember if it is a weekday or a weekend so they go shopping on Saturdays and get in the way of us poor working slobs who only have one day a week to really get to the stores and get something purchased.
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