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Default Re: Joni's leaders just arrived, woohoo!

Originally Posted by boser View Post
turner, your buttons have to be bursting from your shirt. I would be so proud of my kids and you should be. They no doubt learned to tie from you and to catch fish on fly's that they tied. Really great and I'm happy for them and you as well. It's better than a video game I know that....

Best Regards, Boser
Boser, You're right. I'm proud of them both. I wish I could've tied a useable fly when I was 8, or even made a decent cast for that matter I'm trying to hold up my end of the bargain to pass this sport on to the next generation and keep it alive. It's tougher to do here in the heat of southeast Texas, but so far I've been keeping them interested. They do have a Wii video game, but if it gets used once or twice a month, that's alot. They much prefer being outside, and that's just fine with me. Now they've started bugging me to flyfish from kayaks

Be well.
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