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Default Re: Conditioned Fish

The Dead Trout ©
By Doug Macnair

The fact is the environment is not getting better as you might be led to believe. To the contrary, by almost all any measure, it is getting worse! If we cannot do something very constructive in the near future, the species that can evolve will, and those that cannot will disappear. This notion should cause each of you to ponder the truth of this little story. It is a piece of folklore attributed to Ed Grant, one of the renowned Maine Guides and founder of Grant's Camps.

"Seems this man kept a pet trout in a rain barrel.

During one dry season, and needing a drink, the man dipped out a little water from the barrel. The next day, and the days after that, he dipped out a little more, and a little more. But here is the good thing - - the trout learned to live on less and less water. Finally the day came when the barrel was bone dry.

To the man's surprise, the trout found it was at home on dry ground. From then on the little trout followed the man around, wore little snowshoes in the winter, and did other wonderful things, that is, until the sad day the little trout fell into a brook.

The man wept -- his trout drowned."

Doug Macnair
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