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Default Re: cheap reel question

Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
ok I am new to this and I bought a cheap rod combo. I kno I kno. prolly a cheap piece of **** or whatever but I just figured I'd try to learn and not spend a fortune then upgrade with a good rod and reel for this fall. ok anyways heres my question. I got one of the martin combos and the reel says its single action and rim controlled. when I watch guys on tv I seem to hear some kind of drag when they reel it in and it clicks. i just looked at my reel and it seems there isn't any drag on it? unless i don't know what i am looking for? it just reels and it is silent and you can reel it either way and it gets loose or tight. does this reel not have drag because its just a cheap reel? or is there a way to turn it on or off or something? sorry for the dumb question.


When you reel in it should be fairly loose and when you strip line off it should be a little stiffer. The reel that you have dosent really have a drag system on it. It has a "clutch like" system that keeps a constant pressure on the line going out, and the actual drag system on this reel is the rim of the reel and the palm of your hand. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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