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Default Re: Another International swap

Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
Sounds great, I'll be happy to host (and participate).

How about a tyer's choice of streamer or wet?

Limit 12 tyers, flies due to me by Aug 30 (that should be enough time for flies to arrive from far off lands.

OK here's who we have so far (let me know what you're tying and where you're from if you haven't been in a swap before) Let's see if we can get some more folks outside the US. It would be kind of neat if the patterns if the patterns you pick are representative of your country (classic, regional or innovative patterns):

1. ChrisinselwynNZ (New Zealand)
2. Ant (USA)
3. MacFly55
4. Boser (USA)
5. Pocono (USA) Andy Brasko's Blue Dun Wet size 8
6. 2pawsriver (USA)
7. Lucas.j.dunton
8. peregrines (USA)
9. didgeridoo (Canada)
10. Bluebird
11. Wilky
12. Boreal

I'll send my address out to all for the mailing of flies once we have a full list.
since Im on the list Ill be tying a leech pattern that I saw on line.. Im a novice but I was in the scud swap recently with Joni... Im from San Diego but Im sure a leech pattern is more or less universal..


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sorry did not specify.. it is a micro leech pattern that I think I can handle..

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