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Default Salt Water Rods?

Hi All,

Haven't posted in awhile and figured I need some suggestions on a new rod. I happened across a Lamson Velocity 4 (10/11 wt, guide finish) reel at Cabelas and couldn't pass on it.....$49.88. Not a typo - 50 bucks. I know the "Bargain Cave" has some good deals, but wow! Right after I bought it, they sold out.

Anyway, most of my fishing will be down on the coast in SE Texas when I visit family. Mainly bay fishing, but also trips to the rigs off Galveston/Freeport when I can bum a ride with friends. I could also use it to chase stripers down at Elephant Butte. I currently have 3 Sage rods (590 Launch, 586 SLT, and a 3710 TXL) and the Xi2 looks like it may be a nice rod. The Loomis Crosscurrent does as well. Money isn't really an object, but if there's something less expensive, so much the better. This won't be my "go-to" rod, so it almost seems it would be a shame to spend a ton of money on a rod that I may not use the heck out of.

Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated!


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