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Default Re: TFO axiom's my review....

did some more casting with a few other lines this aft.... found some really good matches... a 10wt magnum sharkskin is great with the 10wt axiom... med to far cast... i did some accuracy tests also.... had my 5 year run around the yard and stop in diff spots and i had to land my chunk of yarn on her.... It was pin point accurate... even at 80+ feet i could land it right on her with little effort... that went for all the rods..

the 7wt still likes an 8wt line... i tried a 7wt magnum sharkskin and a few others but it still does not feel as good as a 8 wt....

the 5 wt was the most fun... i tried a few 6 wt lines all worked but i really wanted a 5wt line on it... so after grabbing a few and trying them i found a surprise line that it loves... a cortland 555 clear floater (old line i had sitting around)..... it matched it great... the rod was tamed down... could still make far casts but was very pleasant close in as much as the 50 foot range...
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