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Default Re: Salt Water Rods?

Thanks guys for the responses! I checked the Full Creel website and they didn't have anything larger than a 5 wt, but will check back later. The Loomis rep will be at Charlie's (local shop here in ABQ) on May 18-19 and should have some 9 and 10 wt crosscurrents for me to try. They do have both weights in the Xi2 on hand....really sweet looking rods. According to UPS, my reel will be delivered tommorow and I'm stoked!

I found an article the other day about using a "chum churn" off the coast of LA and they were catching "stop signs" (red snapper) up to about 15 lbs or so on flies. That really sounds like a hoot!

If there's any more suggestions, keep 'em coming!


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