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Default Re: Best Waders: Simms Vs. Orvis

My story is similar to Ard's. Having previously used hip waders, my first premium waders were Orvis neoprene's. It was 1989-90 and at $250(+-), they were among the best. I don't even recall if there was really anything much better at the time... I used them regularly for 9 yrs before moving south, where it was too warm to use them most of the year. Funny thing is, even after all this time, I still have them, and they occasionally still get used when it gets cold enough, or on a winter trip back home. It is a true testament to how well they were made back then.

Then, I went through a few cheaper pairs of lightweight waders before settling on Simms G3 convertibles. These are by far the best I've owned. Simms has a very broad range of sizes and I was able to find exactly the right fit. To me, there's few things worse than fishing a pair of waders that don't fit quite right... Performance of the Simms Goretex material is fantastic, and the construction is second to none. Initial price was a little tough to swallow, but after fishing them, was soon forgotten.

I can't comment on the Orvis breathables, or today's Orvis wader quality; maybe someone else can say more about that. But I can highly recommend the Simms. Good luck with your decision.
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