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Default Dont you just hate it

So i live in northern central MA and there a lot of streams and rivers around, great for trout fishing. i went to a different area today so get a change of the new places and it was an unbelievable spot. The water was clear as anything and had nice little pools everywhere with basically rock cliffs under water. Anyways i see trout everywhere just hanging out and thought t would be a great day. Little do i know they want nothing to do with any of my flies. Granted im fairly new and dont have the biggest selection. But dont you hate when you present the flies right in front of them and they act as if they dont exist. I used dries and wets, the only action i got out of them was to check out a #14 copper john and then swim away like it was junk. Anyone else ever run into these times? and if you live up here and fish these areas (Nissitissit River), have any suggestions on what to use? or does anyone have luck with inchworm patterns? thanks a lot.
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