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    Default Advertising on NAFFF

    The North American Fly Fishing Forums are part of the Fish & Fly group of fishing websites. If you are interested in advertising with Fish&Fly, please send your inquiry to: [email protected] .
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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    Paul- please tell me how to send this Sales order Confirmation to you.
    Thank you,
    Rod Champion
    South Holston River Fly Shop

    A Fax # ?

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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    I paid via paypal last week and have NOT heard back from Sofi at I sent her my username so she could upgrade it but there has been no response.

    Can one of the mods get me permission to post an ad. I've written her twice already and just sent her a third email.


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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    Silver ,just pmed Sofi ...let me know if she contacts you
    pmed Larry Too...

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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    Silver: You are a Business Member and as such have the right to advertise on the forum. Sofi was in Norway for a few days, but I don't recall when she said she would be back, but she must have upgraded your account before she left.


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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    Is Advertising on NAFFF only limited to fishing related stuffs?
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    Default Re: Advertising on NAFFF

    I guess it depends what it is runningfish. If it is totally unrelated, the business upgrade might be a waste for the member. Let me PM you.

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