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Thread: Day to Day Alaska;

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    Default Day to Day Alaska;

    A while back I began making a few entries to a Blog about life here. I know that some members are either curious about AK. or sometimes enjoy hearing about life as seen through another's eyes.

    As the season breaks I will begin putting some fishing tales on the pages here and promise to put on some fish pictures along with them. This whole concept 'Blog' is new to me and if there is any or as intrest grows in hearing about this place I will make entries more often.

    I will write one up about one of the best days of the 2010 salmon season and pepper it with some fish to go with the text. leave a comment if you read any of them please. I have also began putting together a photo album of the things I see here and will soon open an Alaskan Pohto thread here. The idea of the thread will be so that you can scroll down through the best landscapes, wild flowers, and animal pictures I have taken here.

    Thank You

    This link will take you to the profile page and then just click Blog

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    Default Re: Day to Day Alaska;

    Well, you'll have at least one reader. If you can capture 1/10 of what it's like up there you'll have done well. It's not just the country (think BIG) or the fishing (unbelievable) but the people and the life, especially in the places like Cordova, Yakutat...


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    Im always up for reading! Fishes there for about 10 years now and keep exploring new water. Need more info on Fairbanks fishing this year!

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    Default Re: Day to Day Alaska;

    Ard: You know I love reading your blog, you have a great way of writing and it brings back fond memories of Alaska!


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