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    Default Re: Are You Planning a Trip to Alaska?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2PawsRiver View Post
    I always appreciate a picture of a good looking woman in waders.

    Am looking to next year (2011)....Thinking about early Sept up to the Brooks Range. Just started looking into it, but I hear it is desolate, beautiful, with great fishing for Grayling and Silvers........your thoughts.
    Mark: Sorry I missed your post earlier. You are correct, it is really desolate and beautiful. I worked for Alyeska Pipeline for four years and drove the haul road many times, so I know the area pretty well. I have been up in the Brooks Range several times hunting Dall Sheep, Caribou, Moose and Ptarmigan. Frank is correct, Sept is the time winter starts. It is always dicey when it comes to wx in Sept. A friend of mine used to have an ATCO trailer just on the north side of the Brooks range that we could main camp out of, which was nice when out in the cold damp wx all day to have a chance to dry out and warm up in the evenings. I also did a couple trips with an outfitter up there. We would drive up the haul road to the north side of the range, there is an abandoned gravel runway next to the road that he setup camp and we would fly into the mountains on a Super Cub. Like Frank said most of the streams up there have Grayling and some Artic Char. One time we floated the Canning River using the same guide hunting moose and bear, boy was that a great hunt! PM me if you want further details of the area.


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    Question Re: Are You Planning a Trip to Alaska? Yes I am!

    So I was planning a trip back to Yellowstone for next summer but my wife and young son both want a chance to visit and fish Alaska. We've all lived in the Pacific NW for 8 years and enjoyed the fresh fish and natural bounties so I'm thinking about Alaska in July for 10 days. This is where I start looking. First priority is to find optimum time for Sockeye Salmon on the Copper River. I'm thinking July. Next is to research airfare, lodging( are B & Bs viable?), guides(?), fishing equipment, fishing opportunities/targets, weather patterns, etc. The journey begins here.
    I'll be reading these forums carefully for the next few months and hope to find what I need. BTW, I'm planning to be somewhat practical and frugal-is that possible if you want to have fun?
    Thanks for any and all information you care to share.

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    Default Re: Are You Planning a Trip to Alaska? Yes I am!


    I am leaving for a week for Bethel AK. and will look for information for you when I return. In view of the weather conditions we had here this past season (rain & lots of it) The best advice I can give is to not lock in flight plans until the very last possible moment. The logic is simple, Alaska can be warm and dry in July or we can experience 33 days strait rain conditions. With the rain come many hardships, high water not being the least of the issues that make fishing difficult.

    I realize that by waiting until the week before a trip to book airfare the rate paid may be higher than a fare scheduled in January but spending a large amount of funds in January only to find that the conditions are poor when you arrive is not a good experience either. With what I have learned living here I recommend that if possible people wait and try to have the best "real time intelligence" on conditions and runs before coming.

    I would also say that if the trip is scheduled around a two week vacation from work that you should have a contingency plan for travel. By this I mean considering Kodiak or even a destination in the lower 48. I have known many people who have planned far in advance to visit here and who were sorely disappointed by the weather during their stay. This past August I had people come for both deep sea (Halibut & Cod) and silver salmon fishing. Our trip for halibut was canceled three days in a row due to high seas and driving rain and when I took them on the rivers for salmon the waters were high, muddy, and the rain never gave us a break. There were no halibut or salmon caught. Had we been able to change the schedule (not being pre booked) I would have had them hold off until September and would have taken them to Kodiak instead of the mainland. That was not to be and the weather won out over even our determination to fish.

    I will look for your response and if you wish to stay in touch on this matter you are welcome to PM to me with any further questions.


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