Oklahoma only has 2 year around trout rivers which are tailwaters, the rest are stocked only in the colder months. This past spring there was so much rain in N.E. Oklahoma that Tenkiller lake, one of the tailwaters I fish year around, filled with over 30 feet of dirty water in a matter of a few days.
The lake was so full it was ready to come over the top so the flood gates opened. Luckily the water temps on the top of the lake were still cold enough for the trout. Water ran around the clock for over a month solid to get it down to summer pool level and finally in the beginning of June they shut it off. The water released at the bottom of the dam still looks like chocolate milk to this day plus there is a big ongoing situation with who owns the water that is released when they are not generating for power. A recent temporary agreement has expired on water release when they are not generating, combined with dirty water and low dissolved oxygen levels has led to a suspension of trout stocking. The local economy of this area is going to suffer plus now I will have to drive many hours to trout fish. A minimum of 3 hours one way to fish now. It was maybe an 85 minute drive to this place and I still caught trout in the dirty water. The numbers have went down as I suspected maybe they weren't stocking but for now I'm positive things will eventually get better. When?