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    So here's my predicament . . . I am going to Point Baker on Prince of Wales island AK I am mostly a freshwater fisherman but the trip is more geared towards salt. But a couple days I wouldn't mind fishing for some Dolly's or Rainbows. Thing is I'm from MA and we mostly fish for bass I do trout fish but not much on rivers just ponds.

    So what do I need to know about fishing for dollies? I am going to fly fish but I will also be bringing a spinning rod. What are the time tested techniques for Dolly's and are there any must have flies/lures.

    Any input would be much appreciated!
    pps. . Leaving Sat. 7-14-12
    What can I say I'm a last minute kinda guy. . . Unfortunately

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    I catch them on feather wing streamers. Grey Ghost - Nine Three are both good producers. They don't seem fussy, last year I caught some nice ones on salmon flies like 'The Red Head' and also on Jock O' Dee patterns.

    Swing the flies with the current and mend to keep them down. The fish should cooperate.


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    Sorry if I hijack your post a little but hopefully you have caught your fill in dollies! Does anyone know of any places in the interior where I can readily catch dollies? I have heard of them in the kultina which makes me believe they are in the copper and the gulkana as well. But I was hoping I could find some a little closer to home.(fairbanks area) Also seeing as I havent caught any yet whats the best way to target a dolly in new water? Where to look and what to use.

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