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    Default Looking for some advice on line/taper

    Hi all I'm toying with the idea of a new line for the 6wt. I'll be using it for Kenai rainbows when I come home week. I'll also probably hit the Russian for a day. I live in Maine now so here I primarily use it for freshwater bass and occasionally pike. I don't use the 6 a whole lot it's primarily the 4 for trout and 9 for striper.

    What kind of taper works well fishing beads from a boat? I was looking at the airflo 40+ extreme (there is a good sale on it at work). Not sure I want /need something that heavy though. I like the Rio grand just not sure I want to drop that much on a line I don't use a whole lot. Also not sure I need a heavier taper fishing beads? Any input is appreciated thanks!

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    Not sure about the taper but you can never go wrong with a quality Rio line.

    Also as a FYI beads are illegal for use on the Russian and at least part of the Kenai. I took a whole bunch but the regulation book said that beads alone are not allowed and must be paired with something else. You will need to check very carefully to see where they are allowed since each stream seems to have its own rules.

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