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    Default Fishing in Alaska

    Hi, I'm from Norway and a newbie here. My dream have always been a fishing trip to Alaska, and this seems to be possible within a year.

    I need some help deciding when and where I should travel? It would also be great with some good websites on relevant locations.
    Appreciate any help and advice.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    I am sure the other Alaskans will chime in as well.
    Firstly I think it is important to figure out what species you want to target. Is it salmon? If so which of the 5 species? Rainbows? Grayling? Char/Dollies?.

    Personally having lived and traveled extensively in the Bristol Bay region I would say to head there, they have the biggest trout and other game fish, as well as the largest runs of salmon. The problem is that for someone who doesnt have a local connection it is fly in only and the lodge prices can get spendy.

    Maybe if you could clarify a bit more of what you might want to do and we can give you some pointers.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    Hi fjbr,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Nerka is absolutely right. We need a lot more information. Tell us what you have in mind.

    I moved your thread over to the Alaska Forum. Everyone will see it as a new post.


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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    I apologize for the late reply. I have been on my mountain lodge ice fishing for trout, so I've been without internet connection.

    I've primarily thought about fishing for Coho/silver salmon, but rainbow trout and Chinook Salmon are also interesting. To experience the nature in Alaska will be as important as the actual fishing. There are very good opportunities for fishing here in Norway, but I want to experience the magnificent scenery of Alaska.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    fjbr: The reason the other members of the forum are asking what species of salmon do you want to post is because they all are not in the rivers at the same time. Here is a link to one of the Bristol Bay lodges that has a description of the salmon species and target dates when they will normally be in the rivers in that lodge's area. Alaska Salmon Fishing, Bristol Bay Salmon Fishing - King and Silver Salmon Fishing
    The other thing that would be helpful is what type of trip are you thinking about. Are you interested in a fly out to a remote lodge in Bristol Bay and then fishing out of the lodge or maybe a float trip down a river on more of a do-it-yourself type of trip.
    Here is an outfit that does unguided float trips and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a chart with the different species availability dates.
    Alaska Float Trips, Alagnak River Float, Katmai National Park
    Here is an outfit that does guided float trips: Alaska Rainbow Trout Alaska fishing trip Salmon fishing ~ Alaska Float Trip Fishing Lodge Alaska ~ Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Alaska


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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    Thanks for good information. Fishing from a remote lodge is something I would prefer. I must clarify with the family and my employer before I can decide the time period for the trip. I'll be back with more information when I know what time I can travel as well as how long I can stay.

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    I am a guide in South Central alaska on the Talachulitna river. Its a beautiful river and a great lodge with about what your looking for. We dont get rainbows as big as areas in bristol bay but the trout we do have are animals in their own right. We get execellent runs of all 5 pacific salmon! Its definately a remote lodge with a smaller atmosphere compared to areas of bristol bay and others. Check it out and i think you'll like what you find!


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    Default Re: Fishing in Alaska

    Very interesting way of doing business Nick; I kind of like the whole idea of 'You do some of the work, and we don't have to charge you.'

    Interesting to compare 'services' between one link and another.
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