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  1. Little tricks to share
  2. Which prescription polarized glasses
  3. Fishing Systems & Some Thoughts on The Fly;
  4. float tube fins?
  5. Cork Seal (U-40)??
  6. Practicing Proper Catch and Release
  7. What's a good digital scale for weighing fish?
  8. scratches on your reel
  9. Hook Eyes Up/Down/Straight?
  10. Fly Line conditioner ?
  11. Pontoon Boat Fishing questions
  12. Selectivity - why and how do trout become selective feeders
  13. Cutthroat leaders
  14. Lightweight Backpacking Advice?
  15. Do you tie your own leaders?
  16. Best way to travel with gear
  17. Dumb question about sink tip lines
  18. Nymphing
  19. Can I use wf line with streamers for trout
  20. Nylon to rubber net replacement
  21. Can i use florocarbon tippet for dry flys?
  22. Hold the rod where?
  23. Question on flying with gear
  24. Stillwater
  25. Catch and release argument
  26. Smith Chromapop?
  27. Rod holder for a bike ?
  28. Finding a wader leak
  29. If You've Ever Thought About Using Your Bicycle...........
  30. Could use advice for slow action rod.
  31. Where to buy creel bag?
  32. Best nippers?
  33. Net your own fish
  34. Thoughts on ideal rod length to fight fish?
  35. Wading boots! Help.
  36. Building Streamer Leaders
  37. Trips for casting heavy streamers
  38. The Drag free drift, is it always required?
  39. George Daniel's Dynamic nymphing videos
  40. fin-nor anti reverse, left hand conversion
  41. Solo canoe Fly fishing?
  42. How realistic is a career as a fly fishing guide?
  43. How to Stay Safe in Bear Country
  44. Nymphing vs. Snagging
  45. Do you throw BIG bugs during the Summer…?
  46. Fly Hooks
  47. 7wt line on a 6 wt reel
  48. Do not get Grounded by new airline carry on size changes.
  49. Issue with larger flys
  50. How do you fish midges?
  51. Questions about making wire leaders.
  52. Big Fish on Dries
  53. Wet wading shoe?
  54. Weinbrenner "Ultimate Wading Boot" - options to resole
  55. Watercraft Advice Needed
  56. Testing Kayaks for Flyakking
  57. First aid kit
  58. Threading the hook: Top or Bottom?
  59. Fly line question
  60. Time for new boot ?
  61. Rod weight help needed
  62. What rod wt for #6 dry Hex pattern
  63. *NEW* Rio Line Selector App on iTunes
  64. Canoe?
  65. Laces vs BOA
  66. 20lb OR 30lb Dacron backing on Salmon rig
  67. really awesome video on mousing
  68. Underlining a rod
  69. more than one use..... boat repair/knot tying
  70. Guide Costs and Gratuities
  71. Backpacking, What flies to take?
  72. Face mask sun-shield?
  73. Orvis Stripping Finger Guards
  74. Tippet rings or perfection loop?
  75. DIY Spool Tenders
  76. Advice on a pair of wading shoes / boots
  77. How to....tippet tenders.
  78. Has anyone ever tried these for wading?
  79. Fly Rod Car Carriers
  80. Using heavier line question
  81. Leader and Tippet leangth
  82. Hip Waders Stink
  83. Don't be lazy--check that tippett
  84. looking for casting advice
  85. Able nipper, what kind of Zinger?
  86. Observations from fishing one of my favorite small streams in summer.
  87. Sinking line ?
  88. Rod holders for a bike?
  89. Stillwater tactics and which sink line/set up ?
  90. Finger burn landing fish
  91. Fishing and lightning
  92. Small stream fishing.
  93. Catch and Release...
  94. Streamside disposal of mono/floro?
  95. A little help on my first self built outfit
  96. Fast Action rods
  97. Never leave fish to find fish
  98. New to me: Catch and Release info
  99. How to best prepare?
  100. Trouble with furled leaders
  101. Best Insect Repellent?
  102. Latex Wood Filler vs Cork gap filler
  103. Question on Painting Poppers
  104. Fly floatant Substitutes
  105. How do you change the wind direction of a reel?
  106. "Trout by a (Horse) Hair"
  107. Best Weekdays to Fish
  108. Leader tying question?
  109. Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what
  110. Limestone creeks and weeds
  111. Hunting / Sight Csting to Browns = FUN.
  112. Pressure and mousing
  113. Chameleon, Ultragreen or Clear - Which one to use?
  114. Books/Good reads about reading the water
  115. Take the pic or land the fish….
  116. Mistakes....
  117. What Would You Do - Looking for Quarks
  118. Why Egg Flies Work
  119. Trico Hatch???
  120. Observations and questions
  121. How long does it take a trout to start feeding again after feeling the hook?
  122. Winter storage pontoon ?
  123. Overlooked Lakes, Overcrowded Rivers
  124. Storing tippet
  125. Curling tippet question
  126. Fishing Streamer water with a small Dry Fly…
  127. Best low profile/lightweight fly boxes
  128. Flingin' in the rain
  129. Breathable wader repair.
  130. Furled leaders and tippet rings... What am I missing here?
  131. Fishing Blown out water
  132. tying on tippet rings
  133. Trying to understand the UL craze.
  134. Presenting a Dry Fly to Rising Trout
  135. Nymphing for big trout?
  136. Quick question about what fly to tie first...
  137. Which Simms boots should I get?
  138. Light weight floattube for backpacking
  139. Gel or powder type floatants
  140. Dry Flies on a Switch Rod?
  141. Build or Buy???
  142. Strike Indicators or Not
  143. More on UV vision and fly tying materials in trout.
  144. Beginner's fly rod quiver advice
  145. Euro-nymphing rods
  146. Trip Report....the flip-flop fisherman and wife
  147. Fishing near Stanley, Idaho
  148. Do it Yourself (DIY) vest bodkin
  149. Streamer Tactics
  150. Pond fishing for stocked trout
  151. DIY leader/tippet sinking ideas
  152. 35 mm film canisters alternatives?
  153. Replacing Tippet
  154. How do I tie these on?
  155. New Construction method for nymphs
  156. Question: dry flies, wet flies, nymphs or streamers
  157. rings or micro swivel ???
  158. How to make a fly reel heavier?
  159. Good Fishing Gloves?
  160. Broken rod tip question
  161. fly line stretching
  162. Braided loops on fly lines?
  163. Anyone try the new Air Lock strike indicators?
  164. Brodin Pro Ghost Firehole or Gallatin?
  165. Thread or Mono Furled Leaders
  166. Tying Knots Question
  167. Knots or Loops
  168. Cleaning a soiled cork grip.
  169. Filling Cork??
  170. Choosing the "correct" rod length.
  171. Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Net - how to carry
  172. Wood nets or Composite nets?
  173. Leader Question
  174. Troubleshooting the cast...
  175. Vibram sole replace ? Is it possible ?
  176. Maintaining a journal
  177. Now that you have your bamboo and/or glass...
  178. Short rod suggestions
  179. Wind and rod length - your experience please
  180. Give Me One Good Tip...
  181. New to Fly Fishing! Need Help Finding Good Waders!
  182. Wader, tippet and Pack Question for an Idiot
  183. Loading the rod and tight loops
  184. Do I need a sink tip?
  185. Getting a small rod - need some help
  186. How to organize a pack?
  187. Sink tip or split shot
  188. Sea Gar Fluorocarbon ???
  189. Streamer Fishing Technique;
  190. Battling the Ice
  191. Is there a reason for a longer rod?
  192. Chest Wader and Boot Advice Please
  193. Vehicle rod carrier
  194. Salmon/steelhead rods. weight and length
  195. Wader and Boot Dryer Advice Please
  196. San Juan worms--warmwater?
  197. Preferred Tippet Holder
  198. Making a living fly fishing?
  199. Question about sink tips
  200. Practice casting on a lake?
  201. Opinions on weights
  202. Are You New To Fishing With a Dry Fly?
  203. Kayaks
  204. Bream in cold weather
  205. Candle wax on your ferrules?
  206. Nymphing - indicator or no?
  207. Curious: What if you break a warrantied rod which is out of production?
  208. Anyone run a 6wt line on a 5wt rod?
  209. Shooting line to backing?
  210. harmonic motion in a fly rod.
  211. Ski/Snowboard Rack for hauling rods...
  212. Steve Parrot Czech Nymph leader question?
  213. Drying your flies on the water
  214. Ketchum Release
  215. Feeling the Strike, Setting the Hook
  216. How to Successfully set up a fishing club???
  217. Glass or graphite for midges
  218. Convertible waders worth it?
  219. One person Pontoon
  220. Snow Practice
  221. Furled leaders: Are they right for me?
  222. Strike Indicators .... the good the bad and the ugly !
  223. Question about maxima leader material
  224. Tactics for blown out or muddy creeks?
  225. Question on replacing boot soles
  226. Anything wrong with uplining a small creek rod.
  227. Fishing Streamers, Where & When;
  228. Safe Wading Tip - Public Service Announcment
  229. Triangle taper for a small stream 4wt?
  230. Getting work in a flyshop/trainee guide?
  231. Felt sole or Rubber with Studs?
  232. Twisted leaders
  233. Net attachment
  234. Predicting time of a hatch
  235. myobangling87 needs help building leaders!
  236. Practice casting on the snow. Is it a bad thing?
  237. Very bottom of my fly rod handle is crooked, anyone else seen this before?
  238. Night fishing
  239. floatant for mouse flies?
  240. Dry dropper advice???
  241. Fly fishing doesn't have to be expensive
  242. What essentials do I have to have to get started?
  243. Dead drift streamer
  244. Technical/Manufacturing Aspects of Different Fluorocarbon Options?
  245. What do you use for an indicator?
  246. Casting...What does it take...?
  247. Getting Started Streamer Fishing
  248. How to Fish with Hi-Vis Nymph Leader
  249. Tungsten putty, weight putty
  250. Small flies - what box (or other method) do you use?