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  1. Hardy Limited Edition, No 4/0 Salmon Cascapedia Fly Reel . L.H.W No. 246
  2. Hardy Limited Edition, No 046 1/10 Brunswick Cascapedia Trout Fly Reel.
  3. [SOLD] Charles Farlow & Co. Ltd. BWP New Zealand 4 1/2 inch Alloy Salmon Reel
  4. Hardy Perfect 3 1/8th inch reel and spare spool. Immaculate.
  5. System 2 10/11 Salmon Reel 3 3/4 inch with spare spool. Virtually as new condition
  6. Hardy Ocean Prince One Salmon or Saltwater Fly Reel First Edition Number 343
  7. Hardy Perfect 3 5/8th inch Reel with Spare Spool. Immaculate.
  8. Marquis no 2 Salmon Reel with Original Hardy pouch
  9. Hardy Marquis Disc 8 weight Fly Reel
  10. Hardy Marquis No 1 Salmon Fly Reel and Spare Spool
  11. Hardy Perfect 4 1/4in Wide Salmon Fly Reel
  12. Hardy Perfect 3 3/8in Fly Reel with Selvyt bag G410
  13. Farlows Serpent Reel 4 inch
  14. Penn Senator 12/0 Trolling Big Game Reel
  15. Farlows Tope Sea Reel 5 1/2 inch Rare
  16. C. Farlow and Co Ltd. Sextile Line Winder
  17. 19th century steamed wood fisherman?s creel
  18. Hardy Halford 10.5 ft split cane seat trout/salmon fly rod
  19. Hardy 1902 Brass Faced Trout Limited Edition Perfect Set 2 5/8, 3? and 3 1/4? in leat
  20. Rare Ari T Hart Arris prototype reel Number 193
  21. Set of 2 Ari T Hart Stu Apte Limited Edition Reels Number 106/250 (only 130 made)
  22. Rare Farlows 150th Anniversary Split Cane Rod and Priest in teak presentation box Num
  23. Very Rare Hardy Brass ?1896? 4 1/2 inch Salmon Reel with C. Farlow 191 Strand Leathe
  24. Farlows Line Drier/Winder Wilson Weatherall
  25. 12? Hardy ?The A H E Wood? 8 weight steel centred Palakona fly rod 3 piece.
  26. Farlow?s London Pezon and Michel split cane Fario Club 4 to 5 weight 8ft 5 inch fly r
  27. C. Farlow and Co. Ltd. 12 ft The Cairnton Junior Split Cane Salmon Fly Rod
  28. Farlow Scottie 8ft 5 inch Fario 5 to 6 weight Split Cane
  29. Hardy Wye Split Cane 12ft Palakona 9 weight
  30. Thomas Turner Fly Fishing Antiques website
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  34. Do you collect vintage Hardy reels?
  35. Hardy The Gold Sovereign 7/8 fly reel + soft Hardy case
  36. Rare Early Hardy Brass Faced Perfect 4 1/2 inch
  37. Bernard of London 9’6” split cane trout fly rod.
  38. Fine Hardy Perfect 3-5/8? alloy trout fly reel 99% finish & case & line guide
  39. Hardy Perfect brass faced salmon fly reel 4-1/4? diameter 3 logo to face plate
  40. Hardy 1902 Perfect Ltd edition set 3 brass faced reels & case & key & bag complete
  41. Hardy Wanless 6lb Palakona cane spinning rod fine with bag
  42. rare Hardy the Masterpiece 10? 3 piece vintage pike fishing rod
  43. vintage friction drive threadline spinning reel 4 left or right wind
  44. Ari’t hart LA 5 alloy salmon fly reel black 4-7/8 & spare spool
  45. Abel USA #4/5 saltater fly fishig reel & line & case & box
  46. rare Allcocks the Test Spear Patent split cane trout fly rod & tip tube
  47. Hardy Corbett No 1 Palakona Spinning Rod 1927 with bag
  48. Chapman of Ware 500 split cane 10? 2 piece avon carp rod
  49. Hardy Graphite De-Luxe 9 foot #5/6 2 piece Carbon Fibre Fly Rod
  50. Hardy Graphite 9 foot trout fly fishing rod for line #7/8
  51. Milward’s Spinversa 2 piece split cane spinning rod 8’9? reverse taper handle
  52. Hardy Fred J Taylor Trotter hollow glass fibre Avon rod with bag
  53. B James London England Richard Walker Mk 4 Avon rod onion handle
  54. Hardy Wanless 6lb Palakona spinning rod 7? two piece built 1955
  55. Allcocks Billy Lane Fibreglass twin butt Match Rod 13?
  56. B James Avocet 11’3? split cane avon river rod onion cork handle
  57. Hardy Eureka 3-1/2? alloy centrepin 1930’s side lever check trotting reel
  58. Rare Hardy Ferris alloy wide drum 3-3/4? reel 1925-32 only 57 made
  59. Farlow Pall Mall London English hand made leather rod carry tube
  60. Hardy Perfection Palakna 8’6? trout fly rod built 1961
  61. Hardy Keith Rollo 9? Palakona trout fly rod built 1959 with bag
  62. Hardy Perfection Palakona 8? trout fly rod for line #6
  63. B James Richard Walker MK 4 cane carp rod donut handle
  64. Hardy Brass Faced Perfect 4.25 inch with Farlow’s block leather case.
  65. 7? vintage big game fortuna sea fishing reel with odd features 4 collector
  66. vintage Hardy Silex Superba 4? alloy drum spinning reel
  67. Hardy Perfect 3-7/8? alloy trout fly reel with agate line guide
  68. rare 3-1/2? Chas. Farlow lightweight alloy Patent Lever vintage reel
  69. J W Young 5-1/2? dia Trudex centrepin trotting reel with finger holes
  70. Vintage Hardy St Andrew lightweight salmon fly reel & box
  71. Penn 2 speed International 80STW big game reel, gold finish, IGFA Tournament Class
  72. Vintage Hardy Perfect 3-3/8? alloy trout fly reel with agate guide
  73. Italian Everol Graveglia 7-1/2/0 big game sea fishing reel
  74. Fine Hardy Phantom Hollokona hollow built 9? split cane fly rod
  75. Rare Hardy Glen Rinzie cane spinning rod made 1966-67 only
  76. Vintage Hardy Fibalite Spinning No 1 rod, ideal 4 salmon pike
  77. Vintage Hardy Tourney 11? hollow glass fibre beach casting rod
  78. Vintage Hardy Matchmaker 13? hollow glass float fishing rod
  79. Hardy vintage Swimfeeder brown fibalite glass fishing rod
  80. vintage Hardy Swimfeeder hollow glass fishing rod with bag
  81. Hardy Super Silex 4? drum casting reel steelheaders love these
  82. Fine Hardy Exalta spinning reel with 95% plus factory finish 4 collector
  83. Hardy Elarex vintage multiplier reel factory anti spash guard fitted
  84. Geo F Ball Freeflo vintage spinning reel with trigger bail arm
  85. fine Penn 114H Special Senator reel for conger shark & tope
  86. Hardy Hollokona 10? hollow built cane fly rod in finest condition
  87. Hardy Triumph Palakona 8’9? cane rod in finest collector condition
  88. Vintage Hardy The Swingtip rod 9’6? hollow glass leger
  89. Hardy Richard Walker Carp rod brown hollow glass whipped green
  90. vintage Hardy Improved Invincible leather fishing wading brogues
  91. 2 vintage wood & brass reels with unusual brake device & bearing caps
  92. vintage farlow Gye wood framed landing net with knotted original mesh
  93. Stunning Hardy Phantom Hollokona 10? cane trout fly rod #7 & bag
  94. Fine early Chas Farlow ash wood framed trout landing net with wood handle
  95. Hardy Brass faced perfect salmon fly reel 4-1/2? with solid drum
  96. Mitchel 624 boat sea fishing multiplier appears unused with box
  97. Mitchell Captain 622 sea multiplier reel & box & papers & spare spool
  98. Penn 113H 4/0 Special Senator high speed sea boat multiplier reel
  99. 2 Bruce & Walker CTM14 & 14A match rods 1x B James
  100. Hardy Graphite Stillwater 11? 3 pce fly rod anti flash finish
  101. Bruce & Walker Avon Perfection 11’4? brown hollow glass river rod
  102. Custom Fly Rod Carbon Fibre Fly 8 foot 6 inches 2 piece #5/6
  103. Hardy Silex 4 inch fishing reel with factory rim cut out
  104. Hardy Richard Walker Superlite 9’3? trout fly rod #7/8 line
  105. Milbro Monarch Scottish built 9? glass fibre sea pier or heavy boat rod
  106. Hardy Marquis #7 fly reel in fine condition & DT7 line
  107. Eggington vintage whole cane fly rod with cedar wood butt, unusual find
  108. Eggington London 12? cane river rod whole cane butt to use
  109. Eggington of London 10? roach avon river rod rarely seen example
  110. Fine Sage SLT Graphite 3 travel fly rod, 9’6”, 4 piece, line rate #8
  111. Chapman Peter Stone ledgersrtike cane rod for restoration
  112. vintage Hardy Exalta spinning reel for carp salmon & pike + collectors
  113. Sharpes of Aberdeen 14? spliced joint cane salmon fly rod #10/11
  114. Vintage Farlow The Elf 6’10 split cane dry fly fishing rod for line #5
  115. Hardy Altex No 3 Mk5 vintage spinning reel in fine condition good finish
  116. Early Hardy 4? brass faced perfect salmon fly reel
  117. Early Hardy Uniqua 4-1/4? wide drum salmon fly reel Oil latch
  118. Hardy Perfect factory left hand wind 3-3/4? reel with ring guide
  119. Hardy Perfect 4-1/4? factory left hand wind salmon fly reel with guide
  120. J S Sharpe of Aberdeen 14? impregnated cane spliced joint salmon fly rod
  121. superb block leather reel case lid stamped The perfect 4-1/4? salmon reel
  122. vintage Hardy Conquest alloy centrepin trotting reel with box
  123. rare Hardy The Dapping rod with polished cedar wood handle & 2 tips 4 resto
  124. Hardy Graphite De-luuxe 10’6? fly rod with anti flash finish line 7/8
  125. Eggington of merton London split cane sea fishing boat rod 6’10”
  126. Shimano XMR 420 Hi Power carbon 14 float match rod
  127. Abu Sweden vintage 507 closed face reel Mk 1 with silver housing fine
  128. Abu 706 closed face match river fishing reel & spools & case
  129. fine collectors Allcock Billy Lane Match Rod with bag
  130. French vintage Mitchell 4430 spinning reel with box & papers
  131. Harduy LRH No 1 Palakona spinning rod in good condition 4 carp salmon & pike
  132. 2 Drennan high quality carbon fly rods 10 & 11? trout lines
  133. Hardy Demon 10? 3 pce graphite trout fly fishing rod & tube #6
  134. Ashcroft of Wigan hollow Spanish reed & cane centre pin rod 14?
  135. Hardy Demon 15? 3 pce carbon salmon fly rod wwith bag & carry tube
  136. Bruce & Walker Trotter 11’6? fibreglass Avon rod with makers bag
  137. rare Floyd of Lewisham Spanish reed 14? Thames float match rod
  138. B James Avon Perfection split cane river rod with dount handle & bag
  139. All Fluff and Waders – A Pictorial History of Fly Fishing by Cliff Hatton
  140. Scott S3 4 piece carbon travel fly rod 9’6? #7 4.3oz & tube
  141. Hardy Bougle 3-1/4? fly reel used once with line & leather case
  142. Hardy Carryall traditional canvass leather large tackle travel bag
  143. Linsley Perfection bamboo landing net handle & wood framed hoop
  144. J W Young Sea Venture 3750 Salt water fly reel No 91 ltd ed & box
  145. English leather rod tube for 3 rods 4 travel & storage with shoulder sling
  146. Fine Hardy LRH Lightweight fly reel brown finish with case
  147. Hardy the Flyweight alloy brook trout fly reel & case superb cond.
  148. Simms Guide Vest Xl fly fishing waistcoat with tags
  149. Bruce & Walker Powerlite D luxe 9? carbon fly rod never used #6
  150. Hardy No1 Carbon Match rod 12? 3 piece superb condition for collector
  151. vintage Winchester cartridge carry case canvas leather on wood
  152. vintage Hardy Combined wading staff with lanyard and boat hook salmon fishing
  153. Allcocks Duplex early threadline English fishing reel dating c 1935-40
  154. Orvis USA Vortex 9/10 salt water fly reel & case LHW gold model
  155. Orvis Vortex 9/10 anti reverse fly reel gold finish large arbour LHW
  156. Shakespeare Condex by J W Young 4-1/4? wide drum fly reel & spool
  157. Hardy Exalta vintage spinning reel & spare spool
  158. Very Rare Hardy St George Salmon Reel 4 1/4 inch
  159. Clan Rod Coy Clan Campbell 10’6 carbon fly rod by Royal Appointment
  160. Eggington of Merton 12? Spanish reed & cane float rod roach chub or barbel
  161. Eggington of Merton burnished cane avon style float rod for Thames
  162. Stunning Hardy JJH Triumph Palakona 8’9? cane fly rod collectors condition
  163. Hazel wood and rams horn hand painted walking stick with trout head decoration
  164. vintage fishing reel marked Hardy, The Sterling Nottingham reel
  165. JJS Walker bampton Alnwick 9’6 cane spinning stalking avon rod
  166. vintage Eggington of Merton 9? split cane big game or sea fishing rod with ceramic gu
  167. Eggington of Merton 8? greenheart spinning rod , ceramic guides 4 salmon pike carp
  168. Hardy 3 piece 9 foot split cane fly rod (model unknown)
  169. Mackenzie-Philps The Yorkshire Graphite Rod 10’6? for lines 4/6
  170. Hardy Smuggler 9’5? graphite 8 piece fly rod and case & tube
  171. vintage Hardy Perfect 3-3/4 wide drum salmon fly reel & O ring line guide
  172. Hardy Perfect 3-3/4? salmon fly reel Dup Mk 2 & O ring guide
  173. Farlows Perfect Style vintage fishing salmon reel ,Eunoch model with faults
  174. Mallochs Black Japanned Fly Box with flies and cast compartment
  175. Hardy The JW Dunne No2 Dry Fly Box and flies black japan exterior
  176. Hardy St George 3-3/4? alloy fly reel agate line guide & case
  177. Brass Faced Hardy Perfect 3 3/4 with faults but good finish
  178. Fine condition Swedish Abu 501 closed face match reel black housing for collector
  179. 4 J W Young Redditch Ambidex & Duco casting reels ideal stater collection
  180. Malloch Sun & Planet 4-1/2? brass & ebonite reel with nickel silver rims
  181. Abu Garcia Premier 704 closed face match fishing reel in fine condition
  182. Foster Bros of Ashbourne The Perfect Gem split cane fly rod
  183. 2 Airflo Classic carbon trout fly rods 9? & 10? with bags great value
  184. Hardy longstone 4-1/2? vintage sea reel with line guide & lever check
  185. Edgar Sealey Nufly Split Cane trout Fly Rod in fine collectors condition
  186. J.S. Sharpe & Co Scottie Featherweight 8? # 5/6 Impregnated Cane Fly rod
  187. Jas Aspindale the Windale whole cane butt 3 pce Avon rod for traditional fishing
  188. Modern Arms Coy The Club Caster 11’6? hollow glass beach rod in as-new cond.
  189. Thos Atkinson & Sons of Kendal 3 piece Greenheart trout fly rod
  190. Hardy perfect 3-5/8? alloy fly reel with Duplicated Mk 2 check
  191. rare Dennis Bailey The Lady Ward Tonkin 9? cane trout fly rod hand built
  192. Early Hardy Palakona 12 split cane salmon fly rod with spare tip to 11?
  193. Hardy Gordon Matchman 13? hollow glass float match rod with spare tip for ledger fish
  194. Hardy Longstone 4? vintage sea reel with ventilate drum & line guide
  195. Fine Hardy Graphite 9? trout fly rod line #6/7 in ex clean condition
  196. Okuma Kennet k-100E trotting reel in black, little used with neoprene pouch
  197. Farlow of Pall Mall london 9? carbon spinning rod for salmon carp pike with bag
  198. Hardy Patent Steel Centre Palakona 14 feet 3 Piece Salmon Rod 4 restoration
  199. Hardy Viscount 150 alloy fly reel with spare spool & lines, nice condition
  200. vintage Youngs of Harrow 8? two piece split cane trout fly rod & bag
  201. Hardy The Fairy 9? Palakona cane rod & 2 tips & bag & alloy tube
  202. Early Allcocks 12 wizard style whole cane butt avon rod with gold logo
  203. Shakeapeare Beaulite by J W Young English alloy fly reel & spool
  204. Collection of 5 English vintage wood Nottingham reels Incl. Heatons Allcocks
  205. A Celebration of Salmon Rivers Limited edition book by John B*Ashton & Adrian Latimer
  206. Chalk Stream Roach: The Ultimate Challenge, by John Searl. Leather bound limited edit
  207. Galicia Salmonera book by Miguel Piñera and Alberto Torres. Signed by the authors.
  208. The Bloke Bass Special 9? carbon travel fly rod with bag & tube line 8/9
  209. G Wilkins Redditch The Mirror 12? cane avon river rod whole cane with spliced in tip
  210. Hardy Perfect 3-3/8 alloy trout fly reel agate guide white handle Dup Mk1 check
  211. Fine Condition Hardy Conquest alloy centrein trotting reel with brake
  212. Alex Martin the Thistle by Dingley 3-1/2? perfect style fly reel in superb condition
  213. Stunning Hardy 3-1/4? all brass fly fishing reel with Rod in Hand Trade marks
  214. Fine Hardy perfect 4-1/2? alloy salmon fly reel with Dup Mk 2 check
  215. Antique Farlow 4-1/2? brass faced perfect style fly reel c 1905 rare model
  216. Milward Slater Zephyr wood and alloy trotting reel with 4 screw drum latch
  217. rare 3? Hardy Silex Major casting reel trigger thumb bar 4 collector
  218. J W Young Bob James centre pin reel Ltd Ed no 20 boxed & unused
  219. Billy Pate Marlin Anti reverse left hand salwater fly reel in black, boxed papers
  220. rare Olympic Japan Seiko model 81 Mitchell variant spinning reel & box
  221. Swedish Abu Cardinal 4 spinning reel in fine collectors condition
  222. Abu Cardinal 55 rear drag reel mint in box with papers
  223. rare Leighton early threadline spinning reel alloy & bakelite & spool
  224. Hardy Hardex Hydra full bail vintage threadline spinning reel & box
  225. Rare A.B.Urfabriken ( later ABU) Svangsta Record Standard 3-1/2? fly reel
  226. Hardy Silex No 2 alloy casting reel 3-1/4? diam in fine collectors condition
  227. Abu Cardinal 66 vintage spinning reel mint in box with oiler & spanner
  228. special Mitchell 440a match in metallic bronze refnish unique reel
  229. Large vintage Hardy Selvyt reel bag 5? dia with Rod in hand label
  230. early Adcock Stanton ball bearing trotting reel with black lead finish c 1950’s
  231. rare Hardy Graphite Favourite Carp No 2 rod 12? two piece collectors condition
  232. Vintage Scotchline 600 mitchell variant spinning reel made in Japan with box
  233. vintage Hardy Selvyt reel bag 4? diameter for perfect silex & similar reels
  234. Fine Hardy Jet Spinning rod 9’6? brown hollow glass with bronze ferrule & bag
  235. Pezon et Michel Parabolic Royale 8’8” 2 piece split cane trout fly rod in new conditi
  236. Fine Hardy “The George” 3 ¾” Mk2 alloy fly reel in collectors condition with case
  237. Fine Hardy Perfect 3 1/8” alloy trout fly reel, agate line guide to us or collect
  238. late model Vintage Hardy Silex alloy casting reel mint with case & box
  239. Hardy “Golden Prince” 7/8 limited edition alloy fly reel, No.245 with box papers & ca
  240. Fine vintage JS Sharpe of Aberdeen 4” alloy Perfect pattern salmon fly reel made by J
  241. Superb condition Hardy “The Wye” Palakona 12’6” 3 piece cane fly rod with matching co
  242. Hardy the Princess GREEN alloy trout fly reel 3-1/4? collectors reel
  243. J Shapres of Aberdeen the Gordon 3-3/4? alloy fly reel in box collectors condition
  244. J W Young Trudex centre pin trotting reel in fine condition with makers box
  245. Allcocks Aerial vintage centre pin trotting reel, spins well paint loss but a good us
  246. Hardy “The Perfection Palakona” 9’ 2 piece trout fly rod post numbered in collectors
  247. super condition Hardy Fibalite Spinning 7/8lb hollow glass rod & bag
  248. superb condition Hardy vintage the Swing Tip rod with makers cloth bag
  249. rare Hardy the SwimFeeder rod in mint condition with bag for collector
  250. Early B James green whipped10? Avon cane rod with replacement guides