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  1. Angling for Brown Trout by A. R. Harris Cass, M.B.E.
  2. A Year In The Life ? A Fly Fishing Journey
  3. Double Delphi by Peter Mantle
  4. Feather Craft by Kevin W. Erickson
  5. Czech Nymphing Book
  6. A Cast in the Woods, by Stephen Saunter
  7. Down By The River by Andrew Weiner
  8. Favorite Fly Fishing Movie
  9. Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design
  10. Books on AZ/White Mountains
  11. The Favorite Flyfishing Authors
  12. River Music by James Babb
  13. New DVD on Michigan UP Trout Fishing
  14. The Complete Guide to Iowa Trout Streams
  15. New film from Tight Loops: BIG LAND