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  1. Bream Fly Fishing - By Cliff Hilbert
  2. Kayaking East Texas - By Dr. Lynn Gray
  3. Fly Fishing the Bass Spawn - By Cliff Hilbert
  4. Fly Fishing for Chain Pickerel - By Rob Woodruff
  5. What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - by Dave Whitlock
  6. New World Record Bass Caught Yesterday
  7. Don't Turn Your Back on Uncle Jon
  8. Rivers Full of Carp
  9. 7 Big Bass Fishing Lies - by John Carll
  10. The Unknown Smallmouth Bass River
  11. Arapaima on fly
  12. 3wt or 4wt for bluegill.
  13. Fishing on the Sidewalk
  14. Setting the Hook
  15. loomis shore stalker or short stix?
  16. Fly fishing only expedition - amazon, brazil may/june 2016
  17. Smallmouth Wastefully killed.
  18. Bass on a Bluegill
  19. Fly fishing for pike, zander and perch
  20. Do bass jump or come out of the water when eating?
  21. Fly Fishing A Small Flow - First Smallies of 2019
  22. Do you Pike?