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    Default Vacationing in Nova Scotia

    Hey all,

    So, sorry for the Yankee coming into your forum. I have a lot of relatives that are Nova Scotia natives and we go back generations so... that makes me sort of ok right?

    Anyway, I live in Colorado and I'll be heading to Nova Scotia in August to visit relatives. I'd like to try fly fishing the rivers. I'll be staying in Barrington on the southernmost tip of the Province.

    Any recommendations as to where to go?

    I looked around on the web and found that there are some common flies between Colorado and Nova Scotia. Like elk hair caddis, and Royal Coachman. Do you guys have the best luck with dries or do you do any nymph fishing. Can the fish see nymphs in that root beer colored water? Trout in the Colorado Rockies love midge larve, is that a go to nymph in NS?


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    Default Re: Vacationing in Nova Scotia


    I don't have a great wealth of experience fishing the Maritime Provinces but I have some. I'll make a guess that August is a bit late for fishing salmon and so your objective may be the brook trout. Depending on time and finances (always a consideration) you may find a ferry ride over the bay to PEI rewarding depending on weather and stream conditions. The island offers some opportunities for 'salters' especially with the approaching fall season. Salter's are brook trout that transition back and forth into fresh water streams and they can be large. I never fished up there in August, only June. I fished every stream I could find along the Cabot Trail and every other road I traveled there. Be advised that the trips I made there were in the time frame 1984 - 1988 and many rules regarding foreigners have changed since then.

    I can put you in touch with an acquaintance there if you want and he will be able to help you to find the best opportunities and explain regulations for August fishing to you. PM me and I will contact him if you wish.


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