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    Default Affordable Atlantic

    This may sound sort of crazy so bear with me. I have a life "to do" list as far as my fly fishing is concerned. I have a lot of potential trips in the planning process and then I just see how the year unfolds- when I can get away for a trip, the cost, etc. The last trip was Great Lake Chinooks- first 20 lb plus fresh water fish I've taken on a fly rod.
    In any event catching an Atlantic Salmon is one of those things I'd like to do but cost is a factor. For an American fishing in Canada, what would be the most affordable choice? I think I need a guide but in some cases you can stay at a local motel and just use a local as a guide. Then there is the issue of what section of the river you can access. I've paid to fish good areas and it was money well spent.
    "Success" for me would be 2 or 3 good sized Atlantic Salmon over a 2 day period. Any suggestions welcomed.

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    Newfoundland is the place to go for Salmon fishing. The people are amazing. You would never regret it.

    Wild Atlantic Salmon
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    I would suggest the Margaree river in cape breton, it has a great run of summer and fall fish, all the pools are public and easy to find, you can rent a cottage for cheap, and get a guide for a day to show you around and then do it yourself after.

    One warning though, 2 or 3 good fish in 2 days is something that would be very very nice, but atlantic salmon fishing is different, I fished a week on the margaree, and a couple times a week at my home river, I hooked a total of 5 fish, landing none. So take in more than just the catching, take in the culture of fishing for salar, take in the river, the scenery, the tactics, if you let it all in and respect every detail you may get a fish to hand, but I guarantee that you will have an amazing time.

    The margaree is a stunning place, landing one of the gems that swims that river is just one of the many perks
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