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    Default PEI Watershed Alliance Power Point Slide Show: PEI Fish Kills Causes and Solutions


    I don't want to appear to be an alarmist or downer with Fish Kill threads. I just feel I need to to provide accurate information, and voice my concerns about the future of riparian ecology and fresh water ways in PEI.

    The link above is a nice balanced 44 slide power point style presentation summing things up. Lots of info., many beautiful images of why PEI is a popular tourism destination and some images of very large brookie casualties (slide #21, 22). The show is recent and up to date and gives a nice snap shot of what's going on.

    Send good Juju our way, that we get this problem cleared up.

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    Default Re: PEI Watershed Alliance Power Point Slide Show: PEI Fish Kills Causes and Solution

    Thanks for putting this up Phil,

    I am short of time right now but will take a look and then post back to the thread.


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    I know it doesn't help but those were some beautiful brook trout. What a shame, what is the prognosis at this time?

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    Default Re: PEI Watershed Alliance Power Point Slide Show: PEI Fish Kills Causes and Solution

    That's a terrific but sad synopsis of what going on on your island. Anyone who sees those tremendous brookies and realizes how long it took for them to reach those proportions should be dismayed and outraged . You live in a beautiful place with great fish and hopefully the government will step up their efforts to protect this resource. Thank you Phil for showing us something that's not so pleasant to view but that needs some serious attenion!
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