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    How crowded do the pools get for Atlantic Salmon? I have been reading about letting one angler work down a pool and getting in line for your turn.
    I should do a Mea Culpa: On some hunting trips the "guides" have been bed and breakfast types- no real scouting etc. That is one reason I am interested in public water. Give it a go, get my bearings, then spend $ on a guide/private water.
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    I have not fished the Margaree, but that is a common practice on public salmon water.

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    Since I'm coming in from afar I would gladly drive extra miles to the least crowded, good stream.

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    Red Owl - I realize your post is a few months old, but I'm guessing you haven't been fishing between now and last November since it is the dead of winter.

    Regarding the Margaree, I fish it every fall and it is a fantastic river. As with most salmon fishing, patience is key, but I think it is one of the better public salmon rivers around. The river is not all that long, and you can pretty much drive the length of the fishable sections in about an hour. (Note, the upper sections are closed to all angling and act as salmon spawning sanctuary. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons it still has a relatively healthy run while other rivers have truly suffered.)

    There are literally dozens of pools along the river, and if you are looking for solitude, it is easy to find one to yourself. The most popular pools may very well have a few people fishing them, and it is common practice to "rotate" the pools: next person in line starts at the top of the pool; work your way through the pool by making two casts and taking a step downstream (rinse and repeat). If you raise a fish, you are generally allowed to take a few extra casts and switch up flies.

    There are some good guides in the area too. They will show you how to access all the pools (sometimes not obvious), how to fish them, what flies to use, and teach you the etiquette.

    Hope you enjoy your time in beautiful Cape Breton!

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