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  1. Default coming to halifax for vaction in may

    i am coming to halifax with the girlfriend and she has some things she is doing for the first 3 days so that is fishing time for me. so i have no idea where to go so any streams or rivers for me to wade in would be a great help i have a gps but i would need to know a close street or something to get close to it. i will have a rental car so travel is anywhere the fish are.

    thanks in advance for any help
    and i am only a catch and release fisherman so i will leave the stream the same way i have found it......

    "a true angler is usually a modest man"

  2. Default Re: coming to halifax for vaction in may

    I am not familiar with fishing in the Halifax area. My suggestion is for you to contact "Fishing Fever" in Halifax. Their info can be found on the internet. They are a fishing store and their staff may be able to suggest some places you can try.

    You could also check out The Nova Scotia Sport Fishing Resource - Fishing in Nova Scotia

    Hope this helps, Tight Lines Mike

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