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    hey guys im gonna take a crack at salmon fishing in the miramichi. Before i make the 2hr trip im just wondering if anyone could tell me a few good rivers to fish, and maybee directions. It will be my first time salmon fishing and would like to make it enjoyable instead of just driving around not knowing where to go.

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    I've fished the river quite a few times, but We always stayed a a lodge. Vickers Pools. I believe that it has gone to to point of fishing by subscription only. Get in touch with the Doak Fly shop and ask for their advice. There should be places you can wade in at. I would think. Good luck Silver Doc

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    well i found a great spot. was like 6 other people there and i seen 4 grills caught to bad i didnt catch any myself. if anyone needs directions send me a message and i can hook ya up. the area is in quarryville.

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