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Thread: Bluenosers

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    Hey guys any Cape Bretoners on Newfoundlanders on the site?

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    Cape Breton, I believe I have seen your posts on the NS fishing fourms.

    Tight Lines , Mike

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    Yes Mike.I recognized your name as soon as I saw it.How long have you been on this site? I enjoy checking out these sites.Never know when you`re gonna pick up a valuable tip.Good to have another CAPER on here.Do you know any other good fishing forums?

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    No not Capers but Nova Scotia yes! lol I just joined this site and have been reading some threads and find them interesting. Lots of good posts and need time to navigate the site and see what else is here. I cant find an endorsed trip anywhere it must have just been put up. Anyway good to find you guys here!!

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    Hey Perry: Great to see you on here.I`m sure you will be a valuable poster to this site.Hope you are goin to show some of your work,and share some of your immense knowledge.

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    Been a member for about a year or so. I have not visited alot since I joined the NS Fishing site though. I was poking around the other day looking for the proper balance to a fly rod and reel combo and decided to check out the Canadian section when I found you.

    This is a great site Loads of Info

    Here are a couple more:
    FAOL BB - Canada's Home Fly-fishing Waters - Home

    Tight Lines, Mike

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    Boys ever visit this site anymore. I cant tell if you log on anymore... lol btw GFY lol

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