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  1. Default fly advice for a rookie??

    Well only 13 days left till the trout season starts here on PEI. I just started fly fishing for real last year, (rookie) but I'm hooked big time.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what are some of the best springtime flies to bring out? Or should I leave the fly rod home for a couple of weeks?

    I took a drive out to one of my favorite holes today just to see how much ice was left on the river. It's coming along nicely, should be clear by the 15th.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.


  2. Default Re: fly advice for a rookie??

    If the water is dark I would try streamers and san juan worms, if not pheasent tail nymphs or haers ear should work.

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    Thanks arfishinbear.

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    Default Re: fly advice for a rookie??


    I don't know if these are still active, but there were/are 2 Trout Unlimited (Canada) chapters on PEI. Joining one would be a great way to get up to speed, meet some new friends and get a handle on some of the spectacular fishing up your way. Here is some contact info:

    TUC Prince Edward Island Chapters

    Even if the TU chapters are no longer active, these folks might give you a bunch of suggestions.

    You have sea run brook trout up there as well as stream brookies, so there are probably some opportunities for SW fishing near the mouths of rivers (think shrimp patterns like the General Practioner, and some small sandeel imitations tied on saltwater hooks like the Rays Fly. You can actually fish these 2 at a time with the Rays Fly at the end and a GP on a dropper ahead of it, and let it swing in the current. It's a little difficult to cast, but a great combination.)

    Bear has given you some great suggestions on flies. I'd add some muddler minnows and perhaps some weighted flies like bead head woolly buggers and bright attractor patterns like Mickey Finns. As the weather warms up, and stuff starts to hatch you'll want to add some other patterns like dry flies in a range of sizes from 10-16 and a few nymphs and wets.

    Hopefully those contacts will pan out for you and give you recommendations for patterns, but if I was stocking a box for fishing up there, here are some patterns that should be easy to find and are pretty effective on brook trout:

    Royal Wulff 10-14 (good searching pattern for fast water)
    White Wulff 10-14 (same, except in a lighter color)
    Adams 14-16 (good generic mayfly imitation)
    Mosquito 14-16 (good slender bodied dry fly)
    Dark Cahill 12-16 (good medium dark mayfly imitation)
    Light Cahill 12-16 (good imitation of light bodied mayflies)
    Elk Hair Caddis 12-16 (good caddis pattern in fast and slow water)
    Stimulator 10 (good imitation for stoneflies and large caddis, and a good searching fly in fast water)

    Wet Flies
    Dark Montreal 12-14 (a local favorite up your way)
    Partridge and Orange 14 (good searching fly)

    Bead Head Prince 10-12
    Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hares Ear 12-14
    Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph 16

    Muddler 8-10 (A very productive pattern, imitates sculpin minnows and can be dressed with fly floatant to ride on top as a grass hopper in late summer)
    Mickey Finn 8 ( A very good attractor for stream and sea run brook trout)
    Trout Fin 10 (Another good bright one, the colors imitate the ventral fin of brook trout and is a great pattern for them)
    Black Muddler Minnow 6 (A big ugly thing for deep pools and big trout, good also in high water)
    Bead Head Woolly Buggers black and olive size 8 (These are hard to fish wrong, and can will get a little deeper than other streamers because of their weight)

    Hope this helps.


  5. Default Re: fly advice for a rookie??

    Hey Mark, thanks a lot!! I used a lot of these patterns last year, but I didn't bring out the fly rod until later in the season so I din't know what to try early.

    This year I hope to use only the fly rod


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    Early spring time when the water is high I always go to a sink tip line and large black sculphin streamers and Murrays strymph in black/olive/or brown also hellgramites in size 8 or 10. If you must fish drys blue wing olives are always something to keep in the box in early spring.

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