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  1. Default Any Atlantic salmon chasers?

    Hi folks,
    Atlantic salmon season just around the corner here in New Brunswick on the Miramichi River. Season opens April 15, fishing at this time is for kelts, a.k.a. black salmon, slinks. These are fish that have overwintered in the river and are descending back to the ocean, they have lost approx 1/3 of their body weight, and it's the only time they actually feed in fresh water making them much better takers, they certainly are NOT the "sport" they were when asscending to the spawning grounds. Weather and water very cold during this time and most angling is done from boats using sinking lines and big streamers, a great cure for the winter blues none the less.
    The runs of fresh, bright Atlantics will come around the end of June and continue until season end in Oct. Floating lines, wet and dry flies, wade or canoe fishing MAN this is anglong at it's finest.
    Any one here an Atlantic salmon angler?

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    Default Re: Any Atlantic salmon chasers?

    MAN that sounds like fun! I'm amazed at our ability to attract new members from such great fishing areas. I sure wanna fish that area someday, but haven't had a chance to fish for atlantics at all yet.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Fished the Margaree in Nova Scotia both in summer and fall a year ago. Just to see the salmon leaping out of the water less than 5 feet away from us was stunning. Had a wonderful guide.

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