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  1. Default Looking for recommendations on bonefishing/vaction?

    Im wanting to plan a trip down to the Bahamas or any islands in the area for a family vacation/bonefishing trip. Im looking for somewhere that has great beaches/family stuff/etc. but also some good bonefishing. This would be my first time bonefishing and would probably do two half days then try some DIY bonefishing. Ive researched some and have been interested in Turks and Caicos possibly or Little Cayman. Any other destinations I should be looking at? As for the bonefishing just looking for quantity more than quality(size). Id rather catch a bunch of smaller ones than one or two big ones since it will be my first time.

  2. Default Re: Looking for recommendations on bonefishing/vaction?

    I have been to both Cat and Long Island. First of all if you are looking for fancy night life you will not find in on most of the out islands. If you are looking for laid back life, beautiful beaches and some good DIY bonefishing then I can help you out. LI is probably your best bet for a family/bonfishing trip and has many more amenities then Cat. They even had carts in the grocery stores. Depending on you budget there are numerous places to choose from and if you decide to hit LI PM me and I can provide you with a plethora of information on where to fish and stay.

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    Default Re: Looking for recommendations on bonefishing/vaction?

    Bad timing; category-4 hurricane hits Bermuda today.

    Prayers to those on the island. You'd best assess options after the storm.

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    Default Re: Looking for recommendations on bonefishing/vaction?

    I went to Turks and Caicos last May and fell in love. The prettiest beaches I've ever seen with unpressured big bones. There are only two guides on the main island, Provo, and they will take you to remote islands to fish. As long as you can quickly get the fly in front of the fish, you will get hook ups. My profile photo is my first bonefish from last May. They probably average in the 4-5 lb class but I lost a nice 9 over. They do have some DIY options but I didn't have any luck one morning I tried. Everything I read said to take a ferry to another island for awesome and easy DIY.

    Btw, there is plenty for the kids to do. We did a lot of snorkeling right off the beach, plus they have all the typical beach activities, diving, parasailing, kite surfing, cruises etc.

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