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    Default Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Well, you've got the bottom line on this trip from the title. Three days and zero Bonefish to the boat; not the greatest fly fishing experience of my life...........

    When we got to Freeport (Lucaya), it was balmy; 85 degrees, sunny and not too windy for this time of year; we were excited about the prospects for good Bonefishing, to say the least.

    3 days later when we started fishing a front had come through the night before (worst front of the season, so far), dropped the temp by 25 degrees and brought with it overcast, rain and a constant 25-30 knot wind; gusts to well above that.

    We couldn't even get out of the Grand Lucayan Canal to fish the North side flats the first day, so we ended up on the South side, with lumpy seas, rain and no sun. We did see a few Bonefish go by as we bobbed around and I got two of them to take a fly, but lost both of them.

    The second day was more of the same. We got out to the North side flats, but without sunshine it was mostly casting practice. I hooked one good sized fish but wasn't really paying attention, got my wrist wrapped in the line!

    The third day was supposed to be better, but it wasn't. No hook-ups and no fish to speak of.

    We did catch some really pretty Jacks and a couple of Shad...............

    There were no Permit around; at least none that we saw, and unless you wanted to canal fish from your hotel dock, there weren't any Tarpon either. So, it was a Bonefish opportunity - unfortunately for us, without Bonefish.

    The outfitter that we used was top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again; great guides and a terrific knowledge base about the best places to fish.

    All in all, we had a great time in Lucaya; ate well, partied well, and we said that we'd probably go back again; I can't let this one stand at zero fish.....

    Oh, the day that we left, it was 85 degrees and sunny with a 5 mph wind from the Southwest...............go figure.


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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Sorry your fishing trip was not as sucessful as you expected...that's bad luck!
    Hope we can fish together again in the springhaven't seen so many fish inthe Marguerite and the Lergue for years

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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Well at least you made the best of it Allan,

    I've taken my share of dry runs for about every species I've ever traveled for. When I lived in PA. the reason I was so consistent was that I was there all the time. Trips to New Brunswick or even the Salmon River were much harder to predict, especially the weather.

    Have you ever read any of those old posts I made when I was fishing Kodiak every year? Outrageous weather sent me home early on all but one trip out of 6. It's tough not catching when you know they have to be there and it's just poor conditions that are separating you from those pesky fish

    You'll catch a break somewhere else or on your return there I'm sure. You know I finished the season here on my very best river with a total of 6 trips and zero fish caught. Conditions kept the fish way up in the headwaters late and the water dropped just enough that I couldn't safely run the boat up to the forks...................... It happens to all of us buddy, everywhere.


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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Grand Bahama is a great place to fish! It was where I caught my first Bone and I went back many times . Sometimes you can't keep the fish away but when the wind and weather start up it's time to go dockside for a Bahama Mama!
    I was very lucky on my first trip to Lucaya as by accident my guide was the infamous Bonefish Folley ! The man was the king of the island . Fished with him several times after that and also with his son and grandson. Never disappointed even when we didn't catch.
    Being on those flats and seeing all they have to offer is worth the trip alone!
    After reading your report Allan I'm ready to return!
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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    Oh, the day that we left, it was 85 degrees and sunny with a 5 mph wind from the Southwest...............go figure.

    That right there describes almost every attempt I have ever made at an epic fishing trip.

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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Sorry your trip turned out like that, no one likes a skunk, but there isn't much we can do about what mother nature throws our way.


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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Bonefishing in wind with clouds is so frustrating...just not the way it is "supposed" to be. But the cold front is just the pits, them bones hate the drop in temperature. I have lost many days even weeks on the flats to these same just keep coming back and eventually it is just right and you experience memories lasting a lifetime.

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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    I recently was in the Grand Bahama's with spotty weather. This was my first trip for bones. We stayed in Lucaya, I was able to fit in two full days with a guide. First day was the westside of the island, not so much luck. We came across a few bones, but no hook ups. Returned to the hotel feeling defeated. Second day I fished the eastside of the was overcast, wind was okay and there seemed to be better opportunities. First bone landed 30mins into the day with a monster 12lbs+ landed in the last 10mins. My guide work me and the fish hard all day. Im hooked now and not only ended the trip with a bang, but also much more informed than when I arrived. Will be going back again asap, and happy to provide anyone with insight from my experiance fishing grand bahama.
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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    There is nothing worse than cloudy, windy, and cool when you are bonefishing. I've been there too and feel for you brother.

    Look at it like this though... If we ripped their lips off every single time out, we would've all grown tired of this sport a long time ago. It's the chase that keeps us going. It could've been worse too, you could have been in Cleveland instead of the Caribbean....
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    Default Re: Bonewatching on Grand Bahama

    Been there done that!
    We went down there after a hurricane a few years ago & the flats were basically fresh water from all the rain. You could almost drink it. Needless to say,
    There were no bones for the first 2 days on the flats so we went to the ocean side & picked up a few. The only problem with that was the long kidney slamming boat ride.
    We're going back to Deadmans Cay in March. We stay At the Greenwich Creek lodge that is run by the Knowles and usually have a lot of fish. They have a family full of experienced guides and if the fish are there they find them. I've been down there about 4 times in November and been after storms a few times so we moved the trip to March for the last few years & the weather has been better, less Rainey & windy, but you never know what the man upstairs has in store for you.
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