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    Default Abaco Bahamas, short report

    Autumn is here with its wind and rain, and wintertime is just around the corner. Thought I'd post a link to some pics from this years Abaco bonefishingtrip to lighten things up;-)

    [ame=""]Snapper time! | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

    We had a fantastic stay that lasted for 6weeks, wish it had been 6months..
    A friend of mine got there a week ahead of me and my family, and was sending me catch reports every day. So, needless to say; I was pretty fired up when we got to the CasaMar lodge in the afternoon. Of course he wasn't there to greet us, but had taken one of the kayaks up in one of the nearby creeks fishing... Of course I got my rod, took a kayak and went looking for him. After about a mile's paddle trip up one of the mangrove channels I found him; Fighthing his fourth Bonefish that afternoon. It didn't take long before I too was hooked up. A fantastic start to a fantastic vacation!

    The coming days/weeks went by catching bonefish every day, great meals, great company, quality time with my wife and son. Teaching him, who's 3years old how to catch snappers for supper. This was actually his fourth tropical fishingtrip, so he's hopefully gonna be one bad-as* flatsfisherman some day:-) Next time he will have to learn how to cast a fly..

    I found that having either a spinning rod, or a tenweight ready for sharks and cudas was a good way of adding some more adrenaline to the mix.. Catching lemonsharks on the popper was just insane!
    I'm not sure of the number of fish I got on this trip, but it was many! I do know that I got skunked on two occasions, and that's not bad in 44 days. The largest Bones was above the 10lbs mark, had many over 7lbs, and I'm guessing the average fish to be about 4-4,5lbs, Depending on the location.
    Other fishing highlights was a lemonshark of about 70-80lbs, a reefshark that nearly spooled me, and lots of cudas up to 5foot.
    Have to admit that it's not quite the same getting home chasing smallish trout and seatrout after catching real fish for a long time..
    One thing is sure: We are sooo going back there next year!!

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    Default Re: Abaco Bahamas, short report

    jpfxi: You are one lucky dude getting to take a six week vacation in a spot like that, congrats! Thanks for sharing the great trip report and photo of your son! He sure looks excited!


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    Default Re: Abaco Bahamas, short report

    Thanks! I'm actually going back there in three weeks time;-)
    Will do some preparations for next spring when I'll start working at the Lodge there.
    If you click newer/older you can see more pics;-)

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