Anyone plan on taking a bonefish trip and don't want to travel solo and split guide and lodge costs? I don't mind going solo but if anyone is also looking to take their first bonefish trip, it would be more fun, safer and cheaper.

Here is the break down:

1.Planning to take my first diy to bahamas and settled on acklins, most likely staying with Fedel. This would be my first time going after bonefish, and acklins seems to be the most friendly diy place with the most flats to wade and less pressured bonefish and better lodge pricing than other islands.
2.Planning to go for 7 days but a 4 day trip is also an option. (6 days of fishing for a 7 day trip and 3 days of fishing for a 4 day trip)
3.Two days with a guide and the rest diy wade and kayak.
4.January or February seem like good times to go. Leaning towards mid to end of January
5.Will be traveling from NYC to Nassau and then hopper plane to acklins.

Let me know if you are interested in possibly planning a trip and any other thoughts you may have.