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    Default Caribbean islands advice please

    So we have just booked a cruise for December 2020. Looking at the itinerary and wondering if I can shoe horn a bit of bone fishing , or indeed any fly fishing into one of the day when boat is in port a long day . They are :Particularly ...Aruba / Curacao

    And : St Lucia and Roadtown BV islands

    Recomendations for guides would be most welcome , I reckon Ill have enough time for a trip with a guide but dont want to prat about with DIY....

    Any advice /tips / Experience most welcome trying to get fishing at the other 8 islands will be pushing my luck . I like the look of the ABC islands but Bonaire is to short a day in port .


    Green Stick

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    Default Re: Caribbean islands advice please

    I can't speak for Aruba/Curacao but I have been to St. Lucia. There are tuna, kingfish, durado, sailfish, and lots of other pelagic fish close to shore... but good luck catching them. It drops off around the island about 10-20ft off the beach to a couple hundred feet. You may get lucky if you put it in the time but fly fishing is practically hopeless... could troll a full sink line with a large bucktail fly, probably best odds of catching something there. Or just cast a small shrimp fly around the reefs for yellowtail snappers, highest probability of catching something would be that.

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